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Hair is natural, sustainable, and costs nothing to donate! Girls and women can cut their hair and trade its value for an education. There is already an existing demand for hair so there is no need to create a market.

There are other organizations which focus on teaching girls a vocation such as jewelry making or sewing. However, those are not necessarily ways to offer girls the future they may dream of or help them maximize their potential. Hair Trade works with vulnerable, disadvantaged girls, especially orphans to offer them a chance to get an education so they can chose their own future. Vocational ventures can fail since commodities require supplies, stock and storage, and are wholly dependent on the ability to market and sell. By donating hair, which has no cost to the girl and has an existing market and demand, the girls do not have to first learn a skill, take any time away from their current education or sacrifice in any way to receive the education they deserve.

Hair Trade does not directly make wigs. Donated hair is sold to pay for education costs for orphan and poor girls.

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Hair Trade believes in supporting girls to combat the major gender disparity in India. In the most depressed regions, the probability of girls getting primary education is about 42% lower than boys, and it remains so even when other variables, such as religion and caste, are controlled. Girls are more likely to be discriminated against, susceptible to child marriage, violence and even death

There is a profound relationship between a woman's hair and her confidence, dignity and self-esteem. Hair Trade ensures girls who donate are empowered by connecting their donation to their own education and future. Hair Trade also provides girls with a salon-experience when they cut their hair, a first for many of the girls. After the cut, girls are given a 3-month’s supply of shampoo and soap (basic hygiene items that are out of reach for many of these girls). The shampoo and soap provided are locally made, often through women’s co-ops, extending the impact of Hair Trades work and connecting the dots locally.

Hair Trade is a registered charity and can accept monetary donations. If you would like to give, please email us. Also consider spreading the word about Hair Trade on social media!

We love partners! Please email us if you would like to hold a hair-cut event. Also, feel free to raise awareness among your clients and mail in any donations that meet the requirements. Also consider spreading the word about Hair Trade on social media!